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In Chat With Young Muslim Civil Servants
 In chat with some of the young Muslim civil servants: Junaid Ahmad, Rank 3, Uttar Pradesh Mohammad Shahid Raza Khan, Rank 751, Bihar Shaikh Mohd Zaib Zakir, Rank 225, Maharashtra Mohammed Abdul Jaleel, Rank 434, Kerala

Delhi Youth Speaks on Issues of Their Concern
The next general elections are around the corner and youths of the nation have started speaking their mind on several pertinent issues dominating various discourses on every side of the political divide.India Tomorrow spoke to the youth living in the area of Okhla Assembly constituency in Delhi to know which issues are on their mind that they want to be addressed in this election season.

Tribal Rights Activist Ritu Singh Protests against Eviction Threat
Tribal rights activist and research scholar from Delhi University, Ritu Singh said she and other activists have been protesting for tribals since the 20 February 2019 when Supreme Court passed the order. “We don’t feel that our voice has still reached the government. The government has brought 13-point roster that will also hit reservation for tribals. And now the Supreme Court has ordered their evacuation. I am unable to under what kind of law this is. The court should see where these adivasis will go,” said Ritu who had tree leaves hanging form her hair in a symbolic gesture of solidarity with tribal tradition.

Where will we go if our land taken away -- Tribal man Prabhu
 “We have been living on the forest land for hundreds of years. Our forefathers used to live on these lands. We earn from the land and we live on the land. We are poor people. If they took away our land where will we go,” asks Prabhu, member of a tribal community from Rajasthan.   While marching towards the Parliament House in New Delhi on Saturday, Prabhu told India Tomorrow: “I have come here to protest against the government move to take away our land and forest. I have come here to reclaim our rights of tribal. We will not sit until we take back our land.”   Like Prabhu, there were hundreds of people from tribal and adivasi communities who had thronged the National Capital on Saturday from across the country to speak out over eviction threat looming large over one million people in the wake of the recent Supreme Court order. The top court last week stayed its order for four months. Scores of tribal rights activists and researc...

Not Paid Salary For 33 Months: Priya, Modern Subject Teacher At UP Madrasa
 "We have not been paid salary for the past 33 months. The authorities are giving only dates. They do not talk about our salary but regularly ask us to complete syllabus, send us for polio drive and other work,” says Priya who teaches modern subject at Madrasa Global Public School in Allahabad. She was among hundreds of such teachers who held protest in Delhi on Dec 18, 2018.

UGC regulations may finish JNU as premier research university: JNUTA
UGC regulations may finish JNU as premier research university: JNUTA 

Family Threatens To Sue Media For Linking Najeeb With ISIS
Family Threatens To Sue Media For Linking Najeeb With ISIS 

In conversation with Mohammad Salim Engineer - Secretary General, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
New Delhi, August 06: “Attacks on Dalits are actually attacks on our Constitution, our freedom given by the Constitution, pluralistic structure of our society and democracy of our country, says Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, in an exclusive video interview with IndiaTomorrow.net.    

In conversation with Ashok Bharti - National Convenor, Republican Party of India
New Delhi, Aug 06: "In the last 25 years, around seven lakh atrocities have been recorded where more than seven million Dalits suffered in violence from the upper caste and upper class communities... Our limits of tolerating the intolerable are already over. Therefore, Dalits are up in arms and there is a massive uprising not only in Gujarat, rather in every nook and corner of India," says Ashok Bharti, eminent Dalit thinker and national convener of Republican Party of India, in an exclusive video interview with IndiaTomorrow.net. Bharti is founder and former chairman of National Confederation of Dalit Adivasi Organisations (NACDOR).  

In conversation with: Ravi Nitesh - the man behind Indo-Pak peace initiative Aaghaz-e-Dosti
Mumtaz Alam, IndiaTomorrow.net New Delhi, Jan 11: Aaghaz-e-Dosti is a civil initiative of some young men and women from India and Pakistan. Launched in 2012, Aaghaz-e-Dosti has been striving for promotion of peaceful relations between the two South Asian neighbours and people to people contacts. On the sidelines of its 4th annual event for launching Indo-Pak Peace Calendar at India Islamic Cultural Centre here on Sunday (10th Jan 2016), IndiaTomorrow.net had a chat with Ravi Nitesh, the brain behind Aaghaz-e-Dosti.   Excerpts from Interview: Why and when did you launch Aaghaz-e-Dosti initiative? Aaghaz-e-Dosti has been in our hearts for long. We had been continuously working for communal harmony, peace and human rights. In between, we had been raising our voice for peaceful relations between India and Pakistan - even from our college days. As we got matured we learned about the problem and conflict. First we started working on the subject slowly. But when we got a youth group...

Urdu poet returns award to UP govt. over Dadri lynching
By IndiaTomorrow.net, New Delhi, 11 Oct 2015: As a mark of protest against the Dadri lynching, Mohammad Rizwan Khan, a young Urdu poet and critic, has announced to return the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Akademy Award. The state government had honored him with the award in 2013-14 in recognition of his work 'Asad Badauni as a Poet'. The work was his thesis as a research scholar at Delhi University.

Surge in communal violence in poll-bound Bihar
Surge in communal violence in poll-bound Bihar

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