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15 Nov 2013 01:11 PM, IST

Why IndiaTomorrow.net?

Media today is driven by political or corporate interests. Whether social problems or political and economic issues, Media ignores larger interests of the society, nation and the humanity. It becomes representatives of political parties or corporate world. Consequently, balanced and objective viewpoints on serious issues of common people are generally absent from media discourses.


Media has become a cash and entertainment machine today. ‘Journalism for a cause’ is now an ‘outdated’ idea. There is a mad race to amuse the viewers and sensationalize insignificant issues to increase TRP ratings for more and more revenues. The genuine and serious issues of the common people are not debated honestly and objectively. The today will leave impacts on the tomorrow. Yet, the future of India is not even at the margin of media debates. Here comes IndiaTomorrow.net.


As Not-For-Profit initiative, IndiaTomorrow.net will not promote or safeguard any political or corporate interests. The larger interests of the humanity will form its core. It will boldly raise every issue that concerns the society without any bias or preconceived notions.  IndiaTomorrow.net will be a forum for serious and healthy debates on social, political and economic issues.


In the age of visionless and negative journalism, IndiaTomorrow.net will highlight stories of hope and development. It will promote journalism of vision and optimism.


Syed Khalique Ahmed

Chief Editor | IndiaTomorrow.net

Mobile no. : 7984215226





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Unbiased Indian

02 December 2017 07:27 AM
I happened to stumble upon your website. While my initial view was disappointing that this is another left vs right website and I commented as such too but upon further reading through the articles I must say I am very impressed with the reporting and the point of views shared. Keep it up. Lets hope for an India where all live in peace and harmony and that all voices are raised for equality and justice for all. Again, I actually see a ray of hope in your effort. Keep going, one day India will be free from these mob lynching and other hatred based activities.

Abdul Sattar

19 September 2016 10:21 AM
Keep it up, wish you all the best.


17 May 2016 09:41 AM
You call yourself transparent, not driven by corporate interests, then what is preventing you from pasting my comment. Are you all a bunch of sham journos.


27 April 2016 10:41 AM
'The genuine and serious issues of the common people will be debated honestly and objectively'... Of course a grand idea. Wish you all success !

Anil Rai

19 April 2016 11:39 AM
Congratulations to entire team...keep up the good work of fearless reporting!


12 January 2016 03:08 PM
Congratulations to the team. Please do responsible reporting


10 February 2015 08:29 PM
Good Job Team, Please do honest reporting and be brave in your job. Thank you very much for giving us honest/true/unbiased news coverage.


06 January 2015 05:25 AM
I came to know about your site just few days ago and liked your reporting on " Question no. 8 the Delimitation commission has no reply". I have quoted this observation in my various comments at various sites on few articles. I wish you will keep up this sprit.

Muhammad Naqqaad

20 May 2014 07:01 AM
It is a good sign. How many of Indians will read this is a question because most of India feels they have nothing though had every thing, the greed is upto shameless levels. Hope the trend changes, my optimism is trying to dominate as ever.

Shahab Shabbir Baboosahab

21 April 2014 04:34 PM
Assalamoalaykum, I am happy to note that 'India Tomorrow' is one of the news site which is offering transparent and honest reporting, something that has now became rare in the nation. I got the info of this site from one of my friend Mr. Khaliq Bhai who is doing research from AMU, Aligarh. I must congratulate you for this wonderful initiative and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Regards, Shahab Shabbir Baboosahab Research Scholar International Laws Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh

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