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"Delhi Riots Were BJP's Conspiracy": AAP Rajya Sabha Member Sanjay Singh

20 Jul 2020 01:07 PM, IST

BJP in conspiracy behind Delhi riots: AAP leader Sanjay Siongh

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NEW DELHI, JULY 20—AAP Rajya Sabha member  leader Sanjay Singh has alleged that BJP was involved in a “deep conspiracy” behind engineering the communal riots in Northeast Delhi in February this year in which as many as 53 persons were killed, mostly Muslims, hundreds of other injured and property worth hundreds of crores of rupees were destroyed.



The allegations were levelled at a press conference yesterday which he had called to share with media the tussle between the Delhi Government and L-G Anil Baijal.



Considered to be the most outspoken among AAP leaders, Singh alleged that a “deep conspiracy” was hatched  by BJP ahead of the assembly elections in Delhi.



“The riots were an outcome of a deep conspiracy by the BJP. The riots were engineered by the BJP. I am maintaining this from day one and reiterating today. I said this in Parliament as well that the BJP organized the riots. And the police, which comes under the MHA, did not take any action”, The Indian Express quoted Singh having spoken at the press conference.



Singh said, “Police is not filing chargesheets in some cases, filing weak chargesheets in some, strong in some, writing extra things in some cases, hiding the truth in some”.



Regarding LG Baijal appointed by the Central government, Singh said that the only objective of the LG to get the lawyers recommended by the Union Home Ministry is “to shield the dark faces, the dark deeds, the crimes committed by the BJP”.



He alleged that the BJP and LG are desperate to appoint their own lawyers because they want to protect the dark deeds and crimes pertaining to riots.



Stating that huis party has lodged a protest against the appointment of lawyers suggested by the Delhi Police, Singh said that APP wants unbiased investigation and a fair trial.



But AAP’s comments with regard to BJP and its stand on appointment of lawyers by the Delhi police is interpreted to be politically motivated and aimed to replace Congress in Delhi. Otherwise, AAP and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal remained silent during the riots and did nothing to prevent it. Kejriwal also did not visit the riot-affected areas. While Kejriwal demanded registration of FIR against Tablighi Jamaat officials involved in the Nizamuddin congregation, neither Kejriwal nor any of his party leaders made any demand with regard to registration of FIRs against BJP leaders who made inflammatory speeches that, according to many, resulted in riots.


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