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Why this incident should serve as alarm for even Hindu owners of cow

06 May 2017 03:05 PM, IST

Why this incident should serve as alarm for even Hindu owners of cow
Bhoop Singh and Jabar Singh brutally assaulted by a gang of cow vigilantes in Greater Noida near Delhi on 4 May 2017 (Photo credit - TOI)


New Delhi, May 6: What happened in Greater Noida, the twin city of India's national capital, must be sending fear waves down the veins of even Hindu owners of cows.


Bhoop Singh (45) and Jabar Singh (35), uncle-nephew in relation, had bought a cow and a calf from Mehndipur village and were returning to their home on Thursday afternoon (4th May). Due to scorching sun, they stopped at a place called Jewar to drink water and take some rest under a tree. It was when a gang of self-styled Gau Rakshaks spotted them and pounced on them instantly without asking any question.


According to media reports, the uncle-nephew duo repeatedly told the attackers that they were not smuggler, they were dairy farmer and they even said that they were not Muslim. Yet, the brutal Gau Rakshaks continued beating them and took them to the local police station.


According to The Indian Express, in his complaint, Bhoop Singh told police that they "were attacked without any provocation" and that "no questions had been asked".  


What does this mean? Do the Gau Rakshaks think that whoever found with cow on road deserve assault? Or do they think any person with cow would be smuggler and Muslim and so must be beaten?


As they were crying in pain, they were taken to a private hospital in Greater Noida, from where they were referred to district hospital in Noida.


"The two have sustained several internal injuries and fractures, but are out of danger. They returned home by evening," the daily quoted a doctor as saying.


Only after they told the police about themselves and police verified their version with person from whom they bought the cattle and also from people in their village, a case was registered against five attackers.


"We are poor people; we need cows for our dairy, which is our main source of income. The injuries are very severe, we don't know when the two will be able to get back to work," said a member of the victim family.


This was the second incident of violent cow vigilantism in Delhi or its neighbourhood in the last two weeks.


In the night of 22nd April, three Muslims were brutally assaulted by a gang of Gau Rakshaks in Kalkaji area in South Delhi when they were bringing buffaloes in truck from Haryana. They were taking the buffaloes to the government-run slaughterhouse in Ghaziabad. Buffalo meat is not prohibited in Delhi or Uttar Pradesh.

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