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UP Govt. Slammed For Imposing NSA On Dr Kafeel Khan Just Before His Release From Jail

14 Feb 2020 05:02 PM, IST

UP Govt. Slammed For Imposing NSA On Dr Kafeel Khan Just Before His Release From Jail
Dr Kafeel Khan

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NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 14— The Uttar Pradesh government of Yogi Adityanath was on Friday slammed by eminent members of civil society besides political leaders for imposing stringent National Security Act (NSA) on renowned paediatrician Dr. Kafeel Khan just couple of hours before his release from jail in an anti-CAA speech case.


NSA was slapped on him this Friday morning, just before he was to be released from jail wherein he was for 10 days. He was arrested on January 29 at Mumbai airport for his 12th December speech delivered before students of Aligarh Muslim University who were protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The Aligarh district court granted him bail on February 10. However, he was not released from jail despite the jail authorities getting the bail order from the court. His family secured a reminder from court for the jail authorities, yet he was not released.  


“Dr. Kafeel Khan was to be released today morning, but before that we received an order from Aligarh DM that he has been booked under the National Security Act (NSA). So, he has not been released,” Shailendra Maitrey, Mathura Jail Superintendent, was quoted as saying by ANI news agency Friday morning.


Several people have denounced imposition of NSA on Dr. Kafeel terming it as “Kashmir model”.


Political commentator and national president of Swaraj India Yogendra Yadav tweeted: “Shocking! UP Police follows Kashmir model. Dr Kafeel was arrested. Court ordered his release. But he was not released. Now we learn that he has been booked under NSA. Name of the game: will keep cooking excuses, but will catch and keep whoever we want.”


In the presence of Yogendra Yadav at AMU on December 12, Dr. Kafeel had addressed a group of students who were protesting against the passage of controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Yadav had also addressed the gathering. After Dr Khan’s arrest on January 29 for the AMU speech, Yadav had said that there was nothing inflammatory in Dr. Kafeel’s speech. “This is shocking. I was present in that meeting. He did not say a word that could instigate enmity between communities. Gross misuse of law, as is common these days,” Yadav had tweeted on January 30.


Besides Yogendra Yadav, several other people have denounced imposition of NSA on Dr. Kafeel.


Jayant Chaudhary, former MP and president of Rashtriya Lok Dal, an important political party in UP, said: “The mighty State under threat from a Doctor! Dr Kafeel Khan booked under NSA for anti-CAA speech. Is there any officer in UP left with a conscience & spine to tell baba not to use unconstitutional powers to hound a citizen?”


Youth leader Umar Khalid tweeted: “Kafeel Khan slapped with draconian National Security Act. He was to be released after getting bail on 10th Feb. After delaying his release, they have slapped NSA. Organising free medical camps for poor a threat to national security? Saving infant lives a threat? #FreeDrKafeel”.


Journalist Gargi Rawat said: “Dr Kafeel Khan was granted bail by court on Monday... They didn't release him, and now slapped NSA #KashmirModel #UP #CAA”.


Twitter user @Joydas, who speaks strongly against human rights issues, said: “Dr Kafeel Khan was arrested for “Inflammatory” speech where had said “Once they bring NRC tumhare abba ka certificate theek nai hai kehkar tumhen daudaya jayega. Yeh humare wajood ki ladai hai". Finally court gave bail but still not released for days. Now been charged under NSA.”


Congress activist @srivatsayb tweeted: #DrKafeelKhan was arrested on Jan 29th for a speech at Aligarh. Court gave him bail on Feb 10th. For 4 days he wasn't released & today Yogi has put a fake NSA case on him. Kafeel & Najumunnisa are victims of Fascism. BJP voters, this is what your vote to Modi brought upon Indians.”


Day after his 12th December AMU speech, Dr. Kafeel had posted the video of his speech on his Twitter handle with this comment. “To all my friends, ask urself how u r feeling. This is not about us. This is them unable to deal with their own hatred. Now take another moment. Pause. Ask yourself: Is my feeling turning into hatred for someone? If yes, plz try and let that feeling go.”

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