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UP Cops Ransack House of A Soldier’s Family, Victims Demand Action Against Cops

08 Aug 2020 01:08 PM, IST

UP Cops Ransack House of A Soldier’s Family, Victims Demand Action Against Cops
Cops vandalised the house of a soldier's family in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh

 Masihuzzama Ansari | India Tomorrow


LUCKNOW, AUGUST 8—A shocking incident of Uttar Pradesh Police allegedly involved in attacking the family members of a former soldier and ransacking the house located in Kushinagar in Eastern UP regarding CCA-NRC protest held during December 2019 has come to light. The alleged incident, according to civil society, has further confirmed their belief that UP have become a ‘police state’ where rights of minorities are trampled upon with impunity with no end to the atrocities in sight.


There are also allegations of police having misbehaved with the women present in the house at the time of their attack. The family members, despite their complaints to the police higher ups, claimed that their pleas have fallen on deaf ears and inaction against the culprits taking law into their hands.

Cops misbehaved with women

The family members alleged that policemen misbehaved with them, systematically vandalised their house and abused them. The cops broke each and every item of the house and claimed that the family members were connected with the protests despite the fact that the family was unconnected with the entire issue.


Family head Mohammad Sanaullah told India Tomorrow: “ Our family  never participated in the protest  and still police carried out destruction in our house. This is the house of a soldier who has did everything for the country. My father was a subedar in the Indian Army and offered service for the nation for 38 years which is a proud achievement for the nation and the family,” he said.

Suffered loss of Rs. 5 lakh due to damage of household goods

“We sustained losses over Rs 5 lakh and cannot digest the fact that the policemen are ransacking the house of a soldier who worked for the cause of the nation. This inhuman act has to be probed and the concerned police officials must be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. Though we have petitioned the government seeking penal action against those involved, things have not moved ahead in terms of action. The very act of policemen is very painful and we are facing the worst ordeal of our lives,” he said.


Police beat up girl taking videographing their act

Habiba, a family member and police victim is a student, who was shooting the entire incident on her mobile phone and she, too, was roughed up by the marauding cops. She said “I was filming their act and seeing that the policemen tried to snatch my phone due to which I have sustained finger injuries and had to seek emergency medical treatment,” she narrated with tears rolling down her eyes.


She added, “The police came at 4 pm and straightaway barged into the house without thinking about personal space and privacy. They destroyed the mirror, wash basins, coolers, doors and lights and I filmed their wanton act of destruction. They left soon thereafter,” she said.


Explaining the ransacking, she said “The cops then came with additional reinforcements after some time and directly went to first floor of the house and destroyed all mirrors, doors, wash basin. At that time, only women were there in the house and we feared for our lives. They snatched my mobile phone and tried to break it. One of the policemen hit me with sticks and we shut the door. It was one of the most dangerous experience of my lifetime,” she said. The filmed video shows ample light on the police cruelty, barbarity and atrocity on the poor and innocent victims.


Cops Hurl filthy abuses

She continued saying, “The policemen hurled filthy abuses unbecoming of their uniform and wanted to break my cellphone as they had seen me filming their destruction and ransacking. They beat me up including my old mother due to which we have sustained injuries. Surprisingly, all male policemen came into the house and there was no single woman constable with them”.


Habiba called up the Superintendent of Kushinagar and complained about the inhuman and barbaric attitude of the policemen but claimed that her complaint has fallen on deaf ears and no action taken till date. “I have mailed to all the top administrative officials of the state seeking action against the illegal and inhuman behaviour  of  Kushinagar police but till date no one has bothered to respond,” she said.


On December 19, 2019, some activists and citizens of the area had sought permission to protest the CAA-NRC and had obtained the same. Later, the police cancelled the permission which led to a heated exchange between the organisers and the police after citizens gathered at a dedicated spot where the rally was scheduled to begin. The police  resorted to lathicharge to disperse the protesters at that time.


The house of the victims is located just opposite the protest site and the family members alleged that the policemen are of the view that they are responsible for the protest as they stay right in front of the gathering venue.


On the main door of the house hangs a name plate which says “Subedar Mohammad Amanullah Ansari ”. According to the family members, Ansari has rendered meritorious services for the nation for 38 years and retired in 1994. Ansari passed away four years ago.


Information available says that the police have summarily filed an FIR against the family members for participating in CAA-NRC protests as a revenge for they had complained against their bestiality. Those family members who were not present in the city on that day, have also been named in the complaint, family members alleged.


Ajaz Ahmed, a victim said “ I did not participate in any of the protest but still I have framed in a fabricated case and jailed for 40 days. I was badly beaten by the police for no crime or fault of mine. Police took my mobile and Rs 5000 and did not give me any receipt for the seizure. The atrocities of the police are unending, expansive and unaccountable”, he said.


Ansari’s case is different as the house of soldier has been ransacked by the police despite a board in his name hanging outside the main door of the house. Despite passage of seven months of cruelty, the family members live with the fear of police brutality and atrocity and want strict legal action against the cops for their inhuman and anti-human behaviour.


However, neither local police officials nor the district police officials could be contacted despite several efforts.


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