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Trust To Build Babri Masjid, 25 kms Away From Ayodhya

30 Jul 2020 01:07 PM, IST

Trust To Build Babri Masjid, 25 kms Away From Ayodhya
Babri Masjid to be rebuilt 25 kms away from Ayodhya

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LUCKNOW, JULY 30—The Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board has announced to set up a 15-member trust to build a mosque in Ayodhya following the verdict of the Supreme Court in the Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi title suit last year.


The mosque, according to board chairman Zufar Faruqi, will be constructed 25 kms away from Mabri Masjid site. The government has already allotted five acres of land for it.


Faruqi told mediapersons that the trust would be named the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation.


While he has named nine members of the trust, the remaining six will be co-opeted. Four of the nine members are members of the board itself.


Faruqi will be the chief trustee or president of the trust while Adnan Farrukh Shah of Gorakhpur will be its vice-president, Athar Hussain of Lucknow its secretary and Faiz Aftab of Meerut will be its treasurer.


Other members of the trust are Sheikh Saeeduzzaman of Banda, Mohammed Rashid, Imran Ahmed and Mohammed Junaid, all from Lucknow.


The state government had on February 24 this year allotted five acres of land in Dhannipur villager in Sohawal tehsil of Ayodhya district for the mosque. It is 25 kms from the site where Babri Masjid once stood. The Babri Masjid site has been given by the Supreme Court for construction of Ram Temple. The board has accepted the land while several Muslim religious leaders have rejected the land given by the government.


The 15th century mosque was demolished by a Hindu mob on December 6, 1992, in full view of the security personnel and a makeshift temple was built over the demolished mosque.


The Supreme Court in December 2019, through a decree, handed over the Babri Masjid site for construction of the Ram Temple.



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