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Tableeghi Jamat Markaz Had Sought Vehicle Pass from SDM One Week Ago to Send out Stranded Persons, Didn't Get Response

31 Mar 2020 03:03 PM, IST

Tableeghi Jamat Markaz Had Sought Vehicle Pass from SDM One Week Ago to Send out Stranded Persons, Didn't Get Response
Tableeghi Jamat Markaz in Hazrat Nizamuddin area in New Delhi

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NEW DELHI, MARCH 31— While the Delhi government on Monday night (March 30) ordered registration of FIR against a cleric of the Masjid Bangle Wali, the headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin area, for holding congregation in the mosque despite the lockdown, it has now come to light that the cleric had been holding written communication with the local police station and SDM for past one week seeking their help to send out the stranded persons to their respective places but he didn’t get vehicle pass. Community leaders have demanded action against the concerned officials also for not heeding to the request of the cleric.


Markaz Removed 1500 People on March 23, Sought Vehicle Pass from SDM for Sending out Rest Stranded Persons:


A letter written by Maulana Yusuf of Masjid Bangla Wali on March 25 to the SHO of Nizamuddin Police Station, which is adjacent to the mosque, telling them that the mosque removed 1500 people on March 23 and sought pass from SDM to send 1000 other stranded people to their native places. This letter was in response to a notice from the police station dated March 24.


“With reference to your letter D.O. No. 293 dt 24/3/2020, it is to inform you that we are trying our best to compliance [comply] your directions to shut down the markaz. On 23/3/2020, we have already vacated more than 1500 people. We still have more than 1000 people of different states in the markaz. As per your directions, we contacted respected SDM for vehicle pass so that we can send the remaining people to their respective places. SDM office has given time for meeting at 11: AM on 25/3/2020,” wrote Maulana Yusuf in his letter to Nizamuddin Police Station on March 25.




The cleric also sought help of the SHO to impress the SDM for early action.


“You are therefore requested to kindly approach the SDM for early action. We are ready to compliance [comply] all your directions. We are thankful for your cooperation in the past and ready to work under your guidance and instructions,” Maulana said in the letter.


While a section of media claimed that congregation was going on in the mosque despite the lockdown, the cleric said there was no fresh congregation there and people were actually stranded due to the lockdown and authorities had not issued him vehicle pass to send them to their respective places.


No Fresh Congregation in Nizamuddin Mosque After Lockdown, People Were Stranded:


On March 29, day before the Delhi government ordered FIR, the cleric had written a two-page letter to the ACP of the area, highlighting sequence of events in the last one week at the mosque and his communication with the authorities.


He said that the Nizamuddin mosque is the headquarters of his organization and so there a number of people from India and aboard all time. The mosque has also residence of Tablighi Jamaat’s head and other officials.


“Question of gathering of many persons despite the prohibitory lockdown orders does not arise at all as these persons were already there inside the Markaz before and at the time of the promulgation of prohibitory lockdown orders and no fresh person was allowed to enter and gather at the Markaz because Markaz gates and doors were closed immediately after the prohibitory lockdown orders,” Maulana Yusuf said in his letter to ACP, Lajpat Nagar on March 29.




He also said that after observing the Janata Curfew on March 22, Markaz was mostly vacated on March 23. However, complete decongestion and vacation of the Markaz had to be stopped as lockdown was extended from midnight of March 23.


SDM, WHO Team Visited Mosque Last Week, Conducted Medical Check-up:


In the March 29 letter, the cleric further said:


“On March 25, Tehsildar along with medical team visited Markaz, prepared list and examined the confined persons and we visited the SDM office, filed application for permission to vacate, vehicles list was also given.


“On March 26, SDM visited the Markaz, called us to his office for meeting with DM. We met DM and apprised with the matter and sought permission which we are still awaiting.


“On March 27, 6 persons were taken for medical check-up who are currently isolated at Jhajjar Haryana.”


“On March 28, SDM and WHO team visited the Markaz, 33 persons were taken for medical check-up who are presently isolated at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Delhi.”


Govt. Is Also Accountable, Concerned Official Should Be Sacked: Community Leaders

Community leaders have demanded action against the concerned government officials also as the Tableeghi Jamat Markaz had approached them for help in taking out the stranded people. They have also denounced the moves to give communal color to the issue even in this critical time.


Mohammad Salim Engineer, Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said: “The Tableeghi Markaz case is being presented in a particular way and some forces, including a section of media, are trying to create communal divide at a time when the entire nation needs to be united to fight against Coronavirus.”


“The Delhi government has ordered registration of FIR against Tableeghi Jamat headquarters. We expressed pity on the move of the Delhi government because it has come to light that Tableeghi Markaz had written three letters to government officials since March 25 informing them about the stranded people in the mosque and seeking vehicle pass to send them to their homes. But neither the government nor the police gave attention to the letters. And now the Tableeghi Jamat Markaz is being targeted and attempts are being made to give communal color to the whole issue. This is very shameful,” said Jamaat leader.


Pointing to the huge exodus of thousands of migrant workers from Delhi in massive crowds, violating all norms of the lockdown, Jamaat leader said: “We saw thousands of people coming out on the roads in Delhi in their bid to go to their native homes. That was very alarming. Who were responsible for the thousands of people coming out on the roads despite lockdown?”


“If action is to be taken then FIR should be lodged against Delhi government and its chief minister because failure of their system created panic among people and thousands came out of their homes. FIR should be lodged also against Home Minister for not making proper preparation before the lockdown. In this critical and painful situation, when all citizens of the country should come up to help each other and the government, targeting a particular community and religion is not correct,” said Jamaat leader.


He appealed to all citizens of the country to follow the guidelines of the Health Ministry and lockdown guidelines of the government.


“Jamaat appeals to all countrymen to get united in this critical juncture, execute their duty and help the administration and the government. Jamaat and its cadres are ready to offer their support in this regard,” he said.  


In a series of tweets, Navaid Hamid, National President of All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, also expressed his concern on the issue.


“Officials of Tableeghi Jamat had also offered to shut its Nizamuddin Markaz where more than 1000 foreign & Indian faithfuls from across India had been staying & stuck up due to sudden lockdown & requested for passes for transportation of Indians but no passes were issued by SDM,” said Hamid.


“When officials of Markaz had communicated to comply with all govt directions why the govt has not responded to quickly move them out,” he asked.


Seeking action against the concerned officials, Hamid said: “How Markaz officials are alone responsible for it when they had informed govt. It's impossible that local PS of Delhi Police or SDM had not informed their higher ups of large congregation of people inside Markaz. There should be a high-level impartial enquiry. Why govt officers failed to move the stranded Indians in Markaz to temporary shelter houses being run by Delhi govt.? Why foreigners were not separated from the Indians and put on medical tests for Coronavirus? Local SDM should be immediately sacked for dereliction of duties as the SDM-Seelampur Delhi was sacked.”


He also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi “to look into this fiasco & advise Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan to urgently monitor the case & immediately shift all foreigners from Markaz into a secluded quarantine facility to contain further spread of virus.”


Hamid also questioned that when the central government had issued instructions to airports in India in January itself to scrutinize every in-bound passenger, why it was not done.


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