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Stop Media Trials and Witch-Hunting of Tablighi Jamaat: Welfare Party

01 Apr 2020 02:04 PM, IST

Stop Media Trials and Witch-Hunting of Tablighi Jamaat: Welfare Party
WPI president Dr. Qasim Rasul Ilyas (Centre)


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NEW DELHI, APRIL 1—Vehemently condemning what he called “Godi media” for unfair criticism of the Tablighi Jamaat and a campaign of vilification launched against it, Welfare Party of India (WPI) president Dr Syed Qasim Rasul Ilyas has asked to immediately stop media trials and witch-hunting of the Tablighi Jamaat.


In a media statement on Tuesday, he alleged that there were no criticisms when a large crowd gathered at a programme of construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya chaired by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, even after PM Modi announced lockdown.


"Why was it not criticized by the media? Wasn't this an open violation of lockdown? Was it not afraid of affecting thousands of people? Despite the announcement, worship continued in many temples, why was it not criticized?", he asked


He said that Tablighi Jamaat had been working in the country for long and its operations were transparent. People from different states and different countries had been visiting the Markaz Nizamuddin.


"The Prime Minister's announcement of lockdown was unexpected and unprecedented for the entire country. He gave no opportunity for the people to prepare. As a result, lakhs of labourers from different states not only became unemployed but also helpless and got stuck in other states. Some are travelling thousands of kilometres on foot and are falling prey to police vandalism. Likewise, thousands of people were trapped in the Markaz of the Tablighi Jamaat", Ilyas elaborated.


He said that when given notice by the police, Tablighi Jamaat had made a written request to the SDM that the administration arrange for vehicles to return their volunteers to their homes which has not been heard yet. "Therefore, the allegation on Tablighi Jamaat that she is dogmatic, is completely baseless and misleading", WPI president  added.


Meanwhile, a nationwide manhunt is underway to identify, quarantine and test all those who attended a gathering in mid-March of almost 4,000 people in Delhi’s Markaz Nizamuddin that has emerged as a virus hotspot. The number of cases in Andhra Pradesh doubled overnight from 44 to 87 after 43 Markaz attendees tested positive. The Home Ministry has asked state governments to identify and quarantine all Tablighi Jamaat foreigners and deport them after medical clearance.




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