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Over 5 Lakh Attend A Massive Rally Against CAA In Kochi

01 Jan 2020 10:01 PM, IST

Over 5 Lakh Attend A Massive Rally Against CAA In Kochi
Massive Rally Against CAA in Kochi


Afsal Rahman CA | India Tomorrow


Kochi(Kerala), January 1-- Multitudes of people under the banner of Muslim Coordination Committee(MCC) marched today against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Kochi on Wednesday evening.


More than five lakh Muslims are estimated to attend the conference that followed at the Marine Drive Grounds in Kerala's Kochi.


MCC is an umbrella organisation representing various Muslim organisations working in Kerala. Leaders from different Muslim organisations and political outfits addressed the gathering.


 Meeting convener K.P.A Majeed spoke of the future programmes of the committee which includes legal fights, social awareness and mobilisation of the people at the regional level. He reiterated that it is the fight to re-establish the ideals of the Constitution.


Noted human rights activist and Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani was one of the guests at the meeting. Addressing the gathering,  Jignesh saluted the Kerala girls from Jamia Millia Islamia University who are at the forefront of the Anti-CAA struggle. He added that they are real inspiration for the massive struggle against this unconstitutional law across the country. He also congratulated Kerala legislative assembly for passing the resolution against CAA. The gathering paid one-minute silent homage to those who  died in detention centres and during the struggle upon his request. He also accused the UP government of turning the state into Syria-like condition.


Addressing the gathering,  MI Abdul Azeez, Ameer of Jamaat Islami Kerala, expressed his solidarity to all the major and minor protests happening across the state."This is the second freedom struggle. The forces whose founding fathers had to bow down before the British will now be forced to bow down before people", he added. AP Aboobabacker, TP Abdullakkoya Madani, PK Kunhalikkutti MP, Sebastian Paul were among the others who spoke on the occasion.


The rally which started from the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium had banners and slogans against the controversial CAA and NRC



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