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Opposition Questions Gangster Vikas Dubey's Encounter, Says It Was Stage-Managed To Bury The Secrets

10 Jul 2020 12:07 PM, IST

Opposition Questions Gangster Vikas Dubey's Encounter, Says It Was Stage-Managed To Bury The Secrets
Opposition questions gangster-terrorist Vikas Dubey's encounter

Syed Khalique Ahmed | India Tomorrow

NEW DELHI, JULY 10—Questioning the UP police over the encounter of dread gangster Vikas Dubey on Friday while being escorted from Ujjain to Kanpur, opposition leaders and several activists alleged that it was a stage-managed to bury his inconvenient nexus with political parties.


In a tweet, senior congress leader and former MP chief minister Digvijay Singh, reacting to the encounter, said, “what was suspected has happened. Vikas Dubey’s nexus with political leaders, police officials and other administration officials can never be revealed now”.


Singh also questioned a common pattern in all the encounters in the last four days in which two associates of Dubey have been killed. “Two associates of Dubey have been killed in encounters in the last 3-4 days. But why the same pattern is there in all the three encounters?”, Singh questions, expressing doubts if the Vikas Dubey’s encounter is genuine.


Former UP chief minister and Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav tweeted, “The car has not overturned, the government has been saved from being toppled due to secrets being exposed”.


AlCC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also hinted at the allegations of a nexus between the gangster and powerful politicians, by commenting in a tweet, "This is the end of a criminal but what about his crimes and people who protected him?”


Former union minister and Congress leader Jitin Prasad, raising questions on the encounter, said, “With the end of Vikas Dubey in custody, the government has ensured that the trail which would have exposed his nexus with people in positions of power who allowed criminals like him to flourish, has ended too.”


Senior advocate of the Supreme Court Prashant Bhushan tweeted, “I had predicted this! After being taken hold of by UP Police, the car carrying Dubey overturns & he is 'encountered'! Obviously to protect top police officers & politicos who had used him & protected him thus far. This is the 'Vikas' that Yogi & Modi have delivered!”


Bhushan also commented, “This is the most blatant case of extra judicial killing. Dubey was a gangster terrorist who may have deserved to die. But UP police have killed him to shut his mouth. If the SC does not take Suo Moto cognizance of this obvious crime, it means there is no rule of law left in India”.


Questioning the encounter, Former IPS officer Abdur Rahman said, “Why will one who has surrendered himself, will try to run away from police custody? Prima facie, Vikas Dubey’s encounter appears to be fake. It has been done to bury the secrets.”


According to police, Dubey was being brought to Kanpur after being caught in Ujjain. However, the police vehicle in which he was being escorted overturned on the way after it skidded as the road was slippery due to heavy rains. When Vikas was being taken out of the vehicle, he snatched a pistol from the STF team and tried to fire at the police. According to police, the gangster received fatal injuries in retaliatory firing. Two STF personnel are also reported to have been injured in the incident. As many as five members of Vikas Dubey gang have been gunned down in police encounters in the last seven days.



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