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Mysterious Appearance of Cow Carcasses in Azamgarh Pointer Towards "Right Wing Conspiracy", Say Local Residents

12 Aug 2020 06:08 PM, IST

Mysterious Appearance of Cow Carcasses in Azamgarh Pointer Towards
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Masihuzzama Ansari | India Tomorrow


LUCKNOW, AUGUST 12—The sudden spotting of abandoned cow carcasses in Azamgarh during the past few days is a pointer towards a silent conspiracy of the right-wing forces, claim social and civil rights activists in the area including local residents. Rihai Manch, a state-based grass roots organisation working for national unity and social justice has demanded a high-level probe into the incident and termed it an “organised conspiracy” while BJP District President Dhruv Singh has demanded action in the case.


According to eyewitnesses, the carcasses were found strewn at different places in the city under mysterious circumstances buttressing fears that a nefarious design is underway to target the minorities. Singh has alleged that that the carcasses are of the cows which were meant to be slaughtered in the abattoirs but since the supply was disrupted, the dead cows were abandoned on the streets. The BJP claims the number of dead cows has further alarmed the local residents who believe that it, too, is a part of the conspiracy.


While speaking to India Tomorrow, Rihai Mach secretary Rajeev Yadav said, “Dozens of cow carcasses were reported to have been found on August 5 and 6 at Mehnagar and Saraimeer Police stations. Many dead cows were found to be reported at different places at one and the same time and it cannot be coincidence. Taking into account the previous cases, there is every possibility that these carcasses might have been brought from somewhere else and dumped here with ulterior motives,” he said. According to Rihai Manch, the emerging carcasses reveal a violent and communal conspiracy of the right wing aimed at disturbing peace of the area.


Samajwadi Party Azamgarh chief Havaldar Yadav lambasted the state government and said that neither was the government interested in knowing about the reason behind their deaths nor was it interested in the issue.


He said, “Farmers and farming has been disturbed due to large scale invasion of stray cattle in their fields. Many farmers have abandoned vegetable farming as large number of cows are entering the fields leading to crop destruction. The farmers are in problem while the situation in Gaushalas is pathetic. The claims of Yogi government for cow welfare and development are fake”, he alleged.


Yadav took potshots at the governments cow protection scheme and said, “The state claims that it is taking good care of cows and there is a dedicated fund for their welfare. But it is an absolute lie and hollow argument put forth to mislead the people. If the state had protected the cows in ‘gaushalas’ then incidents of dead cows being found on the roads would not have taken place,” he said.


Meanwhile, Azamgarh Congress City President Najam Saeed said, “Initially , the BJP raised the cow bogey but later fell silent as it found that the issue might not generate public interest and appeal. It seems that their conspiracy over cow carcasses has failed miserably”.


Saeed also reiterated that hordes of cows were entering fields and destroying crops while some of the cows met with accidents on road and sustained fatal injuries. “What’s happening on ground is that the state government is not interested in cow welfare and the situation on “gaushalas is  also not good,” he said.


It may be recalled that in a cow related case, Bulandshahar Inspector Subodh Singh was murdered and the names of ultra-fascist organisations like  Bharati Janta Yuva Morcha, Bajarang Dal and Hindu Yuva Morcha had cropped up during the investigations.


Rajeev Yadav said, “Earlier in Eastern Gonda District, two Dixit brothers namely Ram Sevak Dixit and Mangal Dixit had tried to disturb the communal situation in the area. They had slaughtered a calf belonging to Ganesh Prasad during night and wanted to engineer riots amongst the peaceful residents of the area. A Hindu villager went to the police and lodged a complaint against the Dixits after which they were arrested along with their implement,” he said.


Yadav further said “Ultra-Hindutva organisations had planned to spread communal disharmony in Bulandshahar during the Tabligh Jamaat meet  as part of their sinister design by resorting to cow carcass conspiracy. Inspector Subhodh Singh got a wind of the conspiracy and foiled their plans. Enraged over his work, the right-wing ultras murdered him,” he alleged.


Azamgarh District Superintendent of Police (DSP) Triveni Singh when contacted by India Tomorrow did not give any clear reply and instead, asked this correspondent, to contact SP (City) for comments. On being contacted SP (City) Pankaj Kumar Pandey also did not give a clear reply. He said, “In this case, an appeal for peace has been made by the police through the media and people have been advised not to believe in rumours”, he said.





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