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Mustafabad's Farooqiya Masjid Muezzin Alleges: "It's People In Police Uniform Who Torched; Poured Petrol All Over And Set Fire"

11 Mar 2020 03:03 PM, IST

Mustafabad's Farooqiya Masjid Muezzin Alleges:
Jalaluddin At Al Shifa Hospital, New Delhi

Afsal Rahman | India Tomorrow



NEW DELHI, MARCH 11 – " As the imam sahib was leaving the masjid after the maghrib namaz on 25th February, he was attacked brutally", said an injured Jalaluddin, the muezzin (who calls for prayers) of Farooqia Masjid in Mustafabad which was burned down in the violence unleashed in North East Delhi.


The 44-year-old Jalaluddin, hailing from Bihar, has been working in the masjid for the past four years. Under treatment for his injuries at Al Shifa Hospital here, he spoke to India Tomorrow of the haunting incident.


" They started beating everyone inside in their eyesight as soon as they entered the masjid. Around ten people were there for the namaz at the time. Everyone ran in panic for their life. I rushed to my room and locked the doors from inside," Jalaluddin said, alleging, "through the small separation between the door I could see people in police uniform,  attacking".


He alleged, "They had petrol bottles in their hands and they poured it all over and set fire. There was fire all over. A madrasa adjacent to the masjid was also set on fire later".


Choking from the smoke of the fire, Jalaluddin opened his doors and ran outside. "I was then beaten by people in police uniform with their lathis", he alleged.


Asked whether there were any mobs around, he said there no mob around.  "I could see only policemen around and they were beating me brutally", he alleged.


"I fell unconscious thereafter. I was admitted in the LNJP Hospital", he stated.


Jalaluddin has serious injuries on his head, legs and hands. He was discharged from the hospital without complete treatment after which he was taken to Al-Shifa Hospital in Okhla. A steel rod has to be surgically inserted into his right hand for his fractures. Jalaluddin, who stays in a rented house, is having a wife and five children.

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