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Muslim Mulnivasi Manch Performed Last Rites Of COVID-19 Deceased, Wins Hearts Of All Communities In Pune

11 Aug 2020 06:08 PM, IST

Muslim Mulnivasi Manch Performed Last Rites Of COVID-19 Deceased, Wins Hearts Of All Communities In Pune
Muslims performing last rites of a Christian Covid-19 deceased

By Our Special Correspondent


PUNE, AUGUST 11—Muslim Mulnivasi Manch, a Pune-based social organisation has been tirelessly carrying out the last rites of dead COVID-19 deceased persons belonging to all faiths- Hindus, Muslims and Christians since the lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in last week of March.


The organisation has been at the forefront in providing relief to the families who lost their near and dear ones in COVID crisis but had no wherewithal to perform their last rites due to the restrictions of lockdown. So much so that the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has legally permitted the organisation to carry out last rites at crematoriums, graveryards and cemeteries. The organisation has so far carried out as many 240 last rites related to cremation and burials during the last three months.


Its president Anjum Inamdar said that the organisation has members from different professions who work for the cause of humanity without any expectation from anybody. “Till date, we have carried out nearly last rites of as many as 240 Hindus, Christians and Muslims besides other religious denominations like the Lingayats. We have buried bodies of those COVID patients that were not claimed by their family members and also where the family members had requested us to do those rites. We ensured that necessary scriptures of those faiths were recited and the last rituals were observed at the time of cremation and burial. People   from all communities approached us and we gave our best to them for their ultimate satisfaction as last rites is a very sensitive and emotional issue with all the faiths,” he explained.


Inamdar said that the organisation was strongly backed by former PMC Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad who had extended all his support to them as they carried out the last rites. According to the current arrangements, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) informs them about the burial or cremation in advance and accordingly, the organisation proceeds ahead with the last rites.


The Manch is known for performing the last rites of a dead body of a 65- year-old COVID patient which was unattended for over six hours in Maharshinagar area of the city. The son and daughter-in-law of the deceased were trying very hard to get the cremation arrangements done with the help of relatives and friends but none came forward during the lockdown. Someone from their contacts called Inamdar and his entire 22-member team swung into action and carried rout cremation with all the Hindu rites. Besides Inamdar, Sabir , Topkhana,  Zameer Momin, Sabir Sayyed, Amjad Shaikh, IT Shaikh, Maulana  Shakeel , Saleem Shaikh, Mohammad Khan and Azhar Sayyed are part of the team which is rendering yeoman service to the humanity. The team has received accolades for their good and selfless works from all communities, police and government administration.


Outgoing District Collector Naval Kishor Ram said that the social group along with all other organisations had set one of the greatest examples of humanity in the country and was working selflessly for the people of the country. The group was recently felicitated by the members of Sikh community at the Camp Gurudwara for their national building work.


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