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Mosques To Open For 'Namaaz' On Monday, Religious Leaders Issue Advisories For Devotees, Ask To Follow Government Guidelines

07 Jun 2020 07:06 PM, IST

Mosques To Open For 'Namaaz' On Monday, Religious Leaders Issue Advisories For Devotees, Ask To Follow Government Guidelines
Mosques to open in India on June 8

Syed Ali Ahmed | India Tomorrow


 NEW DELHI, JUNE 7—There is likely to be a historic change in the habit of devotees who will be allowed for prayer in mosques from tomorrow after almost two and half months following lockdown as they have been advised by religious leaders for ablution at home, go to mosque wrapping a face-mask, follow social distancing and no social contacting after ‘namaaz’. They are also advised for only compulsory (farz) ‘namaaz’ in mosque, offer ‘sunnah’ and ‘nawafil’ at home and follow government guidelines properly.

 Mosques and other worship places will open tomorrow for devotees after lockdown 5.0.  The Unlock 1.0 will begin from Monday.

Carpets and mats will be removed from the ‘namaaz’ area in mosques facilitating for sanitization after every ‘namaaz’ to prevent COVID-19 infection. Peoples with symptoms of cough and cold will not be allowed.

 President of Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind’(Arshad faction), Syed Arshad Madani, Imam of historic Shahi Jama Masjid in Delhi, Syed Ahmad Bukhari, Imam of Masjid Fatehpuri, Dr Mufti Mukarram and Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahli  said that carpets from the prayer area would be removed as Corona virus was likely to survive in carpets for longer times.  Those coming for ‘namaaz’ will be asked to bring their own prayer mates or clothes for ‘namaaz’. Emphasis has been given on social distancing with stickers on lines for prayer. Ablution area (tap and small ponds constructed inside mosques) have been closed. Senior citizens and children up to the age 15 have been advised for doing prayers at home, avoiding going to mosques.

 Maulana Madani asked Muslims to follow guidelines issued by the government while going to mosques for ‘namaaz’ by protecting each other from the pandemic. He also said that government guide lines should be the same for followers of each religion.

 Wear Face-Mask, Avoid Hand-Shaking, Hugging

Ahmad Bukhari said that devotees should go to mosques wrapping mouth-mask and avoid hand shake and hugging. The devotees should keep away from social gathering after ‘namaaz’.

 Don’t Touch Books In Mosques

Mufti Mukarram asked people not to touch books kept inside the mosques. “Leave the mosque after the ‘namaaz’. Read the Holy Quran and other religious books at home”, he advised.

 As all devotees cannot do prayer in one go due to social distancing, Maulana Firangi Mahli of Lucknow advised Muslims to hold four ‘jamaats’ after a gap of 15 minutes. Masjid management committees should announce for four ‘jamaats’ for Friday prayers also. ‘Khutba’ or address to the gathering at Friday congregation should be of short duration. There should be no address in Urdu language. Mosque floor should be cleaned with phenyl, dettol or detergents or some other sanitisers.  

 Clerics Allow Mask Wearing and Social Distancing During Namaaz  

Meanwhile, Islamic seminary Jamia Nizamia of Hyderabad Hyderabad, has issued two separate 'fatwas', permitting social distancing and wearing of masks during prayers.

 Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin of Jamia Nizamia, in his 'fatwa', said, “While standing shoulder-to-shoulder is 'sunnah' or the practice of Prophet Mohammed, there remains scope for maintaining distance between two worshippers till the pandemic subsidises”. He also said that "covering nose and mouth during namaz is 'Makrooh-e-Tehrimi' (impermissible) but one can wear the mask as a precautionary measure provided the nose and forehead are placed firmly on the ground." 

 No Decision on Opening Mosques on June 8 In Maharashtra

Though the central government has allowed opening of religious places from June 8 all over the country, Maharashra government is yet to take a decision on reopening of mosques, temples and other religious places from June 8 owing to increase in positive cases of coronavirus.

 Mosques Not To Open In Goa Till June 30

 Meanwhile, Association of All Goa Muslim Jamaats has decided that mosques will not reopen on June 8 due to spike in cases of coronavirus cases in the state. Association president Shaikh Basheer Ahmed told mediapersons that managements of all the mosques in the state had been asked not to open the doors of the mosques for prayers and wait until June 30.

“Masjid committees in Goa are requested to adhere to our previous advisory guidelines issued by us with regard to offering regular five times namaaz from home including Jumma namaaz (Friday prayers). These guidelines shall be followed till the end of June,” the statement released by the association said.

 Major Mosques Not To Open In Kerala On June 8

Reports coming from Kerala said that major mosques would not reopen on June 8 as increase in cases of coronavirus infection are not conducive to allow people to pray collectively in mosques.

 All Mosques To Open In Karnataka On June 8

Maqsood Imran, Khateeb-o-Imam of Bengaluru Jama Masjid, told media that mosques will reopen on June 8 by following all precautionary measures like sanitising the entire premises and adopting social distancing norms. He said that prayers might be held in batches in case more number of people to mosques and all of them could not be accommodated in one go because they would not be allowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder.



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