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Judges of Supreme Court, High Courts Must Intervene to Save Country: Ex-Judge of Bombay High Court

21 Jan 2020 04:01 PM, IST

Judges of Supreme Court, High Courts Must Intervene to Save Country: Ex-Judge of Bombay High Court
Justice (Retd.) B.G. Kolse Patil

India Tomorrow


MUMBAI, JANUARY 21— Former judge of the Bombay High Court, Justice B.G. Kolse Patil has appealed to all judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts to intervene in the current sad state of affairs in the country in order to save it.


In a video appeal, Justice Patil said that all institutions on which democracy stands have been destroyed in the last six years and if the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts did not interfere, the country would be ruined.


“I, a former judge of Bombay High Court, am gathering courage to make a call and appeal to you all judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts. We cannot see the condition prevailing in the country anymore. Whatever happened in the country since 2014 is open to all – you too have witnessed it. I know that everyone has an ideology based on religion, caste and area of his/her upbringing but today I (with folded hand) want to tell you “You are our God. I appeal to you to forget your history...and intervene to save the country,” said Patil.


Justice Patil blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for “destroying the democratic institutions.”


“Justice Krishna Aiyar and Justice Sawant said that the two gave only unrest and emotion in Gujarat in 10 years. They recommended that they should not be given any constitutional post…Unfortunately, they have become our ruler as PM and HM. If we do not stop them through you or if you do not show the judicial power to them then the country will be ruined. They have destroyed all the institutions on which democracy stands,” said Justice Patil.


He also attacked ABVP for the attack on students and teachers of JNU by masked goons on January 5.


“Today students are being attacked in different parts of the country. JNU is the pride of all educational institutions in India. That too was attacked by masked goondas. This cannot take place without the support of government. Who are ABVP people?...After capitalism came, Brahminical forces took capitalists along with them and since Independence they have been looting the country. Their purpose is not to allow birth of a generation of free thought. Students of JNU are makers of free thoughts. They oppose government. They are beating and assaulting people who are dissenting within law and constitution. You all know what happened at Jamia Millia, JNU and Delhi University. Who is there to save the country except you? You are our god. We consider judges as god. Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts are like our gods. At least activists like me think so. If you think that I am making contempt of you by saying this, you can put me in jail. But please take the responsibility of saving the country,” said Justice Patil.


Justice Patil also said that the judiciary should use extraordinary powers to save the country.


“By using extraordinary jurisdiction, you gave relief to those who broke laws and constitution and even defied your orders. These students are innocent. These people are beating them. Who are beating them you know. When Masked ABVP people are beating students and teachers how can we sit silent? Therefore, I request to all judges of Supreme Court and High Courts and appeal to your conscience to interfere in it and save the country,” appealed Justice Patil.


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