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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Demands Creation Of 'Special Education Zones' In Muslim Concentrated Districts

08 Aug 2020 02:08 PM, IST

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Demands Creation Of 'Special Education Zones' In Muslim Concentrated Districts
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's Nusrat Ali demands 'Special Education Zones' in Muslim concentrated districts

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NEW DELHI, AUGUST 8—Stating that India cannot become ‘global knowledge leader’ without giving proper education to 25 crores of Indian Muslims, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind(JIH), India’s leading socio-cultural organization, has suggested setting up of ‘special education zones’ in Muslim concentrated districts across the country along with making proper arrangements for teaching of Urdu and Arabic languages that would open up huge job opportunities in the Gulf and Arabic-speaking African countries.


The suggestion was made at a press conference addressed by JIH Education Board chairman Mr Nusrat Ali in connection with the New Education Police-2020 released by the Central government recently.


Referring to NEP talking about developing e-content in Eight Indian languages of the country, Mr. Ali expressed his displeasure over excluding Urdu from it. He said that whenever the governments, the Centre or the States, talked of languages, it has become a usual practice to omit Urdu from all government programmes. He demanded that the government should develop contents in all the 22 languages of the country and that should include Urdu as well.


Observing that NEP was having a selective approach towards educational history of the country, he pointed out that the medieval history and the contribution of medieval period in education of the country was missing from the NEP’s final draft, with entire focus of the project being to give a particular colour to the new educational programme under the NEP. Though he did not name the ‘colour’, it indirectly suggested that the NEP seemed to be based on recommendations of certain Hindu right organisations.


He said that while elaborate discussions had been done in the NEP on ancient history and contribution of ancient period in educational growth of the country, the medieval, which is basically the Muslim period, had been completely ignored. The NEP has also discussed the modern period, which is primarily the Christian in India’s long history.


He also noted that the NEP had also dropped words like equality, fraternity, secularism, federalism etc from its chapter of ‘Morality’, indicating a new twist being given to education in the country in future. As India has a Constitution with its values of equality for all, fraternity, federalism and secularism, he demanded that these words should be included because it had been policy of India based on its Constitution.


Mr Nusrat Ali said he would make all these suggestions to the Union Education Minister who has demanded suggestions from various section till the end of September this year.

Under the NEP, he demanded 25 per cent of seats to be reserved for poor students in foreign university campuses to be set up in India and their expenses be born by the government itself.


He demanded compulsory education for children in the age group of 3-18 years.






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