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I Am a Patriot to the Core, Have Always Defended My Country Abroad: Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan

30 Apr 2020 11:04 AM, IST

I Am a Patriot to the Core, Have Always Defended My Country Abroad: Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan
Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Zafarul Islam Khan

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NEW DELHI, APRIL 30— Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman and veteran journalist Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan on Wednesday issued a clarification statement over his tweet about Kuwait “standing with the Indian Muslims”.


“I have not complained against my country to any foreign government or organization nor I intend to do so in future. I am a patriot to the core and I have always defended my country abroad. However, at the same time I have always been vocal about the problems in our country like any other country but, I also believe that we and our political, constitutional and judicial system are capable to tackle them,” Dr. Khan said in the statement.


“According to my knowledge, Indian Muslims have never complained against their country to outside powers. I, like other Indian Muslims, believe in rule of law, the Indian Constitution and the fine institutions our country has,” he said.


In the last two weeks, several people in the Arab World went to Twitter to condemn incidents of hate crimes in India and attempts to give communal colour to the spread of Coronavirus in the country.


Dr Khan had posted his tweet on his Twitter handle on April 28. He charged that some media outlets distorted his views.


“I issued a tweet on my twitter handle. Nothing more should be added to this tweet as done by some media establishments,” he said. “My views have been distorted on a few electronic media forums and many false statements/opinions have been attributed to me. I will take appropriate legal steps available to me against them,” Dr Khan warned.


Further clarifying his position about his tweet, he said: “This tweet is in the background of how the issues of Muslims have been dealt with in our country, be it lynching, riots, media bashing or redressal of their problems in political and administrative processes.”


Dr. Khan, who has been writing for national and international media for several decades, said: “I have always defended my country in Arabic media and on channels like Al Jazeera where my defence of India during the Kargil War is still remembered by many in the Arab world. When Kuwait’s Al-Mujtama magazine asked me years ago to write about Indian Muslims’ viewpoint about Kashmir, the editor was shocked to see may article as it defended the Indian position and said that the Indian Muslims do not support secession of Kashmir from India. That article was published alongwith a rejoinder by a person in Pakistan and that was the last time I wrote for that magazine.”

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