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During Delhi Violence, Rioters Torched Even Medical Stores

07 Mar 2020 03:03 PM, IST

During Delhi Violence, Rioters Torched Even Medical Stores
Mohammad Hilal, whose Ashrafi Dawakhana was torched by rioters around midnight on Feb 24, 2020 (Photo - IndiaTomorrow.net)

India Tomorrow


NEW DELHI, MARCH 07— During the three –day long violence in dozen-odd areas of the northeast Delhi last month, rioters torched not only hundreds of homes and vehicles but also medical stores.


Ashrafi Dawakhana on the main road of Moonga Nagar near Chand Bagh was set afire by a mob of rioters around midnight on February 24. A look inside the completely gutted medical store gives an idea about the massive fire with which rioters were torching homes and shops for whole two days in the area.


“My shop was torched around 12:30 am, in the intervening night of Feb 24-25. My shop was closed at that time. Ashrafi Dawakhana was written on the board of the shop. I estimate my loss at around Rs 1.75 crore,” says Mohammad Hilal while talking to India Tomorrow. This shop would all types of medicines but it was the main distributor of Hamdard medicines for the entire northeast Delhi region. “But everything has now turned into ashes,” he says.



He informed that some government officials had come to his shop to assess the damage. “They have promised Rs five lakh. I don’t know when they will give this amount. But how will this amount help me? It may help some small shops.


“There were five employees in the shop. Now all of them and their families are on the road. They have lost source of livelihood,” says Hilal, whose elder brother Faizan Ashrafi would run the shop.


The Delhi government officials are surveying the damages in the areas. So far, they have found several hundred homes, shops and vehicles were looted and set afire during the violence.

So far 53 people have been killed in the violence and over 200 injured.

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