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Delhi: Residents of Quarantine Centre Faced Problems in Getting Meals on Time, Situation Improved after CM, Local MLA Approached

23 Apr 2020 06:04 PM, IST

Delhi: Residents of Quarantine Centre Faced Problems in Getting Meals on Time, Situation Improved after CM, Local MLA Approached
MLA Mukesh Kumar Ahlawat (C) interacting with volunteers outside Sultanpuri quarantine centre in New Delhi on April 22, 2020

Mumtaz Alam | India Tomorrow


NEW DELHI, APRIL 23— Hundreds of people living in the state-run quarantine centre in Sultanpuri area of Delhi faced problems in getting meals on time due to sudden rise in the number of people sent there after discharge from hospitals. However, after a social activist approached the Chief Minister’s Office and local MLA, things have been sorted out and situation has improved from this morning.


After the evacuation of over 2,000 people from Nizamuddin Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat on March 31, while symptomatic persons were taken to hospitals, around 1500 were taken to three separate quarantine centres in Sultanpuri, Narela and Dwaraka areas in west Delhi.


There were 200 people at the Sultanpuri centre but additionally more than 500 people were sent there in the last few days, and this sudden rise in the number of people resulted in several problems, particularly in getting meals on time.


Social activist Anamul Haque Azad of Sarvadaliye Bhaichara Manch wrote a letter to the office of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and local MLA Mukesh Kumar Ahlawat on Tuesday (April 21).


“The breakfast comes at 11 am which should ideally come between 8-9 am. All are not getting lunch and dinner regularly and they share meals among themselves,” wrote Azad. He also demanded healthy food for them.


He also highlighted the shortage of clothes being faced by some people. “Many people have only one pair of clothes. They wrap bedsheet on body when they wash clothes. They don’t have even soap,” said Azad and demanded the government to provide these things to them or allow them to ask for these items from their homes.


Talking to India Tomorrow, Azad said: “After I got information about the problems, I wrote a letter to the Chief Minister’s Office and it was referred to health and family welfare department. I also talked to local MLA Mukesh Kumar Ahlawat.”


He said that the MLA visited the centre on Wednesday and enquired about the issues raised in the letter.


“In the evening, the MLA called me back and assured that from today (Thursday) meals will be provided six times a day. He told me about the reason behind the mismanagement. There was arrangement for 200 people and all of a sudden there were 700 people,” said Azad.


 MLA Mukesh Kumar Ahlawat (L) visiting Sultanpuri quarantine centre in Delhi


Talking to India Tomorrow, MLA Mukesh Kumar Ahlawat of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party confirmed that the residents faced problems due to the sudden rise in number of people there. He added that things have been sorted out.


“There was arrangement for 200 beds, all of a sudden it was increased to 750 and this put a sudden burden on the system. This created some problem for a short period of time. From today, everything is ok there,” said Ahlawat who represents Sultanpur Majra constituency in Delhi Assembly.


An elderly person died at the quarantine centre.


“Yesterday I got information that someone died at the quarantine centre. I went there. I was told by people that he had asthma problem. His report will come today,” said the lawmaker.


Regarding meals, the MLA said: “Till now, meals were being sent four times a day. From today, we are sending meals six times. Fruits, bread and tea, lunch, evening meal, dinner.”


The MLA also said that those facing clothes problem will be provided patient dress from hospitals.


“There are some people who are facing problem regarding clothes. From this evening, patient cloths are being procured from Sanjay Gandhi hospital.”


“There is no overcrowding. One person has been allotted one room. There are around 1100-1200 rooms in the complex. There are 750 people there now,” said the MLA.


Azad confirmed to India Tomorrow that the residents of the quarantine centre got fruits in the morning today and they will get six meals. He expressed happiness that the government has acted fast.


“I have got information from inside that they are getting fruits in breakfast from today also. Delhi minister Kailash Gehlot also called to some residents to confirm the improvement in the arrangement,” said Azad.


In his letter, social activist Azad had said that as most of the residents of this centre are Muslims and they will observe fast in the coming Ramazan; therefore the government should make arrangement for them.


The MLA said that the government is making arrangement for them.


“We have come to know that some of them will observe fast during the upcoming Ramazan. Majority of the residents of this centre are from the Muslim community. We are ensuring that they get early morning meal (sehri) around 4 am. Meanwhile, our Delhi government has announced to provide personal kit like toothpaste, soap etc. We will also provide items for iftar,” said the MLA.


The social activist told India Tomorrow that many people have served the mandatory quarantine period of 14 days and they are fully ok, and so they should be released.


“There are several people who are fine and have completed mandatory 14-day quarantine period. There are many people who have served the quarantine period but they are not being discharged from the centre. Many of them are from outside Delhi. I demand the government to conduct health check-up of the residents and who are fully fit and have served the mandatory period should be released,” said Azad.


He added: “No one is allowed inside the centre. Even policemen cannot entre the gate. Only medical staff and cleaning workers are allowed in.”     


The MLA said: “There are some people who are ok and have no symptoms. They will be released this evening or tomorrow.”


Azad demanded that the government should send the people to their homes in police escort.


“My demand is that police should escort released persons to their homes and police should tell the local residents that they were not Corona positive. They were only in quarantine and there is no problem with them,” Azad said and mentioned some incident where persons were not allowed in the locality.


“I have come to know about such incidents in Mangolpuri area where people were not allowed in the locality and they had to return back to the quarantine centre. They were living in rented houses but owners refused to allow them in and locals created ruckus and police were called in and police took them back to the quarantine centre,” said Azad.

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Anamul Haque Azad

23 April 2020 07:01 PM
Well, with fact and using simple language in your news report Thanks

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