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Delhi Police Bias To The Fore: Restraint On Arrest of Hindus Reinforces A Practice In Vogue

15 Jul 2020 08:07 PM, IST

Delhi Police Bias To The Fore: Restraint On Arrest of Hindus Reinforces A Practice In Vogue
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 Rasheeduddin Khaja | India Tomorrow


NEW DELHI, JULY 15- While Delhi Police order for restraint on the arrest of Hindus in connection with northeast Delhi violence of April came in for wide criticism, Muslim leaders, discerning its dangerous implications, are especially livid over the move. Advocate Mehmood Pracha, a well known social activist and a prominent voice of the community, called it formalisation of an informal directive given to the lower brass of the Delhi Police.


In a candid reaction to the unlawful move, Pracha said the official order not only reinforces the illegal practice “to conduct one-sided police action against Muslims but also help Manuwadi (fascist) elements in orchestrating attacks on Muslims while simultaneously falsely implicate them in trumped up charges”.


He, however, asserted that he was not wee bit disheartened by the order. “We are working hard to bring all Manuwadis to book for their inhuman acts of murder, bombing, burning and assault on helpless Muslims and will not allow any of them to escape the long arm of justice,” he said. 


The bloodletting witnessed in northeast Delhi in April this year was a one-sided affair. With some exceptions, Muslims bore the brunt of the violence. Yet majority of those prosecuted by Delhi Police in the name of investigation belong to the minority community. What is intriguing is that while the administration remained indifferent to their plight, now that a few Hindus are arrested with prima facie evidence of their role in the violence, people have started crying foul.


The arrest of “some Hindu youth” from riot-hit areas in northeast Delhi, The Indian Express reported had led to a “degree of resentment among the Hindu community”. Citing the opposition from the community, the Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) ordered senior officers heading probe teams to “suitably” guide the Investigating Officers to take “due care and precaution” while making arrests.


Dated July 8, the order, duly signed by Special CP (Crime & Economic Offences Wing) Praveer Ranjan, cites an “intelligence input” about the riot-related arrests of “some Hindu youth from Chand Bagh and Khajuri Khas areas of Northeast Delhi”.


Coming as it does at a time when the latest arrests (of Hindus accused) in the cases were providing some vital leads to the investigation officers in the investigation, the order from no less a person that the Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) is nothing but an attempt to spoil the investigation. Otherwise what was the need for issuance of such a controversial order?


The order raises questions over the police’s commitment to justice and fair play. Going by their partisan role during the investigation so far, it is clear the police do not want the probe into the cases related to the riots to reach to their logical conclusions and. If not the case, why in almost all the cases foisted on Muslims the accused happen to be innocent and have been framed up on trumped up charges.


The order of the commissioner should come as a jolt to all those who value rule of law in the country and the guilty punished for the atrocities they perpetrated on innocent people.  It says that “community representatives are alleging that these arrests are made without any evidence and are even insinuating that such arrests are being made for some personal reasons.”


Naming two Muslims, the order reads: “In the same area, resentment among Hindu community is also reported for alleged police inaction” against the two, “who are alleged to have been involved in mobilising members of Muslim community during Delhi riots and anti-CAA protests”.


“Due care and precaution be taken while arresting any person. All evidences including direct and technical evidences be properly analysed and that all the arrests are backed by sufficient evidence be ensured. No arbitrary arrest should be made in any case and all evidences must be discussed with Special PPs (public prosecutors) assigned for each case,” it states, adding: “Supervisory officers ACPs/DCPs — SIT & Additional CP/Crime (Headquarters) may guide the IOs (investigating officers) suitably.”


However, the Delhi Police claimed, in a tweet on April 20: “While investigating Jamia and NE riot cases, Delhi Police has done its job sincerely and impartially. All arrests have been made based on scientific and forensic evidence.”


In his Twitter handle, Navaid Hamid, president of the All India Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat (AIMMM), noted, “Aftr worst #DelhiAntiMuslimRiots2020 @DelhiPolice  CP(Crime) in Memo advises officers frm arresting (CulpritsAmongst)Hindus as it's creating resentment & Police is arbitrarily arresting Muslims.”


He, however, thanked the police for their “unbiased” policy albeit in a sarcastic note, “Thnx @CPDelhi for NewRules of UnbiasedPolicing. @UNHumanRights


Of the 52-odd people who lost their lives, property worth crores in the worst carnage are Muslim. Yet, Delhi Police, in the name of investigation involved in a witch-hunt – arrest, frame-up, prolonged incarceration and torture in custody of against one community – against the community.

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