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Coronavirus: Will Tablighi Jamaat, Presented as 'Villain' by Media, Emerge as Saviour?

27 Apr 2020 12:04 PM, IST

Coronavirus: Will Tablighi Jamaat, Presented as 'Villain' by Media, Emerge as Saviour?
Members of Tablighi Jamaat, cured of Coronavirus, donating thir blood plasma in Delhi

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NEW DELHI, APRIL 27— In the last few days, social media have been afloat with photos and videos of members of Tablighi Jamaat donating their blood plasma to save the life of critical patients of Coronavirus. They are those who were infected with Coronavirus but have now been fully cured and discharged. #TabligiHeroes and #तब्लीगी_जमात_पर_गर्व_है are some of the hashtags trending on Twitter as a salute to them.


Just couple of weeks back, Tablighi Jamaat and its members in particular and common Muslims in general were branded as ‘villain’ by a section of media after hundreds of people evacuated from Tablighi’s Nizamuddin Markaz were found to be infected with Coronavirus. More than 2,000 people were taken out of the grand mosque that also serves as the headquarters of Tablighi in Nizamuddin area of Delhi. They were blamed for the spread of the contagious disease in the country.


In its daily press briefing, the Union Health Ministry had on April 18 said that out of 14,378 positive cases of Coronavirus in the country by that day, 4,291 (29.84%) were linked to Tablighi Jamaat’s Nizamuddin Markaz congregation.


However last week (April 22), hours after the Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, referring to ICMR and global reports, told media that with the blood plasma of persons cured of Coronavirus, life of serious patients of this disease can be saved, the Tablighi Jamaat chief made an appeal to his cured members and general Muslims to donate their blood plasma. He asked them “to come forward and show this act of kindness to humanity, and help the society and government by donating blood plasma.”


After Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also appealed to people cured of Coronavirus to donate blood plasma, dozens of members of Tablighi Jamaat residing in state-run quarantine centres reportedly came up and donated their blood.


Applauding the gesture of Tablighi members, some hashtags like #TabligiHeroes and #तब्लीगी_जमात_पर_गर्व_है are trending on social media. Many social media users also praised them and questioned the media and government for presenting these very people as criminal earlier this month.


Renowned Bollywood actor Ajaz Khan (@AjazkhanActor) tweeted: “You filed FIR against them. You mocked them with fake news. You demonised them for their faith. In return #TabligiHeroes gave you Plasma. Thus, Tabligi's have proved Their DNA is Love and not Hate.”


Former JNU research scholar Umar Khalid (@UmarKhalidJNU) also tweeted: “तुमने कहा: ये करोना जिहाद कर रहे हैं. ये भारत के खिलाफ षड्यंत्र है. ये लोग आतंकी हैं. हे गोदी मीडिया, ये तबलीगी तो अपना ब्लड प्लाज़्मा दान करके लोगों की जान बचा रहे हैं? ये जान लेने वाले, जान बचाने वाले कैसे बन गए? लो हो गया ना, खून का खून, पानी का पानी.”


A Twitter user that goes by the name of Shreya Yadav (@civilwali_) also said: “तबलिगी जमात के लोगो ने जिज़ गर्मजोशी के साथ देश की सेवा में आगे आये है यह काबिले तारीफ है गलतियों को फिर से सुधारा नही जा सकता है लेकिन बेहतरीन काम करके उनकी भरपाई ज़रूर हो सकती है #TabligiHeroes”


Another user (@drunkJournalist) shared a video of Tablighi member donating blood plasma and wrote: “Another #TabligiHeroes Farooq Basha sab from TN donating blood and plasma to aid Covid19 patients at Sultanpuri quarantine center. You want us to believe these people misbehaved with nurses and spit on doctors? Lolz keep those conspiracy theories with Yourself.”


Journalist Jainendra Kumar of ABP News (@jainendrakumar) tweeted: तब्लीगी जमात के प्रमुख मौलाना साद की अपील के बाद दिल्ली के अलग-अलग कोरेन्टीन सेंटरों में कोरोना से ठीक हुए जमात के सदस्य ब्लड प्लाज्मा डोनेट कर रहे हैं ताकि कोरोना संक्रमित दूसरे लोगों का इलाज हो सके.


Plasma of Muslim Can Save Hindu, Hindu’s Plasma Can Save Muslim: Delhi CM

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday lauded that cured people from all religions and castes are coming forward to donate their blood plasma. He called upon people to give up hatred as blood plasma of a Muslim can save a Hindu and that of a Hindu can save Muslim.


“There is passion in every cured person from all religions and castes to save other’s life when his own life has been saved,” he said.


“Trials of plasma so far are giving good results. I am personally keeping watch on every critical patient. A patient at LNJP was in very critical condition yesterday. Doctors said he was sinking. He was given plasma. Till this morning, good improvement was observed in his condition. This has increased our excitement about plasma therapy,” said the CM.


In his video message, the CM further said: “A serious Hindu patient can be saved by plasma of a Muslim. Similarly, a Muslim critical patient can be saved by plasma of a Hindu… Plasma of Hindu saves Muslim and plasma of Muslim saves Hindu. Then why have we created all these walls between us? We can take a lesson from this Coronavirus disease,” he said.


“When God created the Earth, he created only humans. Every human being has two eyes and has same body, his blood is red and he has same plasma. God did not create any wall among us. Coronavirus is hitting anyone. It is hitting both Hindu and Muslim and when plasma saves, plasma of both Muslim and Hindu can save one,” said Kejriwal and asked people to get united and stop infighting.


“If all people of the country – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist –work together with love and affection, no one can defeat our country and the world will have to bow down to our country. If we get divided and continue infighting then there is no hope,” said the CM.


Kejriwal’s own government was criticized for flashing cases of Nizamuddin Markaz separately in daily health bulletin of his office. The Delhi Minorities Commission had to intervene and then this classification was stopped on April 11.


Sahar Zaman, TV journalist with Mirror Now, asked on Twitter: “Will Kejriwal and Luv Agarwal name the Tablighi Jamat and say Thank U to them? Remember how they daily shamed them and called them out as criminals? Branded as Virus 'Super Spreaders', These Recovered Tablighis Offer Blood Plasma for Serious Patients.”


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