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"Condition In Kashmir Is Worse Than Militancy Days of 1990s", Says Srinagar-Based Political Activist Tanveer Khan

05 Dec 2019 07:12 PM, IST

Srinagar-based Activist Tanveer Khan Speaking at ANHAD Office, New Delhi, on Dec 3, 2019

Syed Ali Ahmed | India Tomorrow            

NEW DELHI, DECEMBER 5– Srinagar-based political activist Tanveer Hussain Khan has said that the condition in Kashmir is worse than what it was during the days of militancy in 1990s.


Tanveer made the remarks during an informal discussion on present condition in Jammu and Kashmir organized by ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy) here.


“The condition in Kashmir is worse than the days of militancy in nineties. This has erupted following abrogation of Article 370 in August this year. There is no improvement in the situation. People are still living without internet. Pre-paid mobile phones do not function. Section 144 is still imposed in the Valley”, Tanveer said in response to a question.


All Pro-India Kashmiri Leaders Are In Jail

“All Kashmiri leaders of big and small parties, including three times ex-Chief Minister and Union Minister Farooq Abdullah, ex-Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, ex-Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Sajjad Lone and others who had faith in Indian democracy, are the main victims of the BJP government at the Centre. Workers of various political parties are upset for future of their leaders”, Tanveer pointed out.


Tanveer said that cadres of political parties suspected the intention of BJP-led central government as it even did not care for the religious ritual of Amarnath Yatra and Chhari Mubarak.


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Political Cadres Are Angry

“The political cadres are angry thinking that when the government does not care for the senior leaders of the state what will be the fate of a common man. There is fear of government among people in the Valley”, Tanveer observed.


Dictatorial Control Will Destroy The Nation

However, he said that the dictatorial type of control on state machinery and private sector would not be long lasting.


“This type of control and government attitude will destroy the country”, he said.


Media Gagged In Kashmir

“The media is totally under the government control. The media persons have been allotted a centre in the valley asking them to work from there and show the government whatever they write before sending to press. Those do not follow the government instructions, their registration is cancelled”, the political activist said.  


Are Jail Kashmiri Leaders Threat For The Valley   

When asked if the arrested Kashmiri leaders are threat for the Valley, he said, “How can a former Chief Minister be a threat. Activists of their parties have been killed. Majority of those killed during heyday of militancy are workers of the National Conference. There are two groups of leaders in Kashmir. One: who believes in Indian democratic system and the other is who demands independence. Those who  believe in Indian democracy are either under house arrest or under police custody”, Tanveer elaborated .


“They are demanding independence because the Government of India has failed to meet the assurance, including plebiscite it had given to people of Kashmir”, he said replying to a question.


No Phone, No Emergency Medicines 

Responding to another question, Tanveer said phones in Kashmir valley are not working, emergency medicines are not available in hospitals. “When the people are not getting basic necessities what will they think of government?”, he said.


Earlier, people of Kashmir had professional relations, business relations and other relations with the people of other states. “Now the outsiders have been thrown out. There is no business in Kashmir. Even during militancy the situation was not so bad. But under current circumstances, people of Kashmir are disconnected with other states professionally and otherwise”, he said.


Sources Of Livelihood Wiped Off

On sources of livelihood after August 5 action, he said source of “instant” income had been wiped off since scrapping of Article 370. “There is still curfew like situation in tourist places. Taxi drivers, small transporters and other petty businessmen are jobless. Tourism is the main industry in the state that has been ruined”, he said.


 Interior Areas Not Under Government Control

 Speaking about conditions in interior areas of Kashmir, he said, “Transporters do not go interior areas of the Valley for fear of life. Even the government asks them for not going to interior areas of  Kashmir saying it cannot provide security in remote areas. The government has security only on highways”.


“Interior areas are not under its control like it is in Afghanistan”, he said.


“What can you imagine about the government that does not allow our children for school? Our children are being deprived of education”, he said.


Tanveer said, “In Kashmir people do not believe in Indian judiciary as they have been seeing the conflict between the Centre and them for the last 25 years. The government does not fulfill the assurances it gives to people. They even do not trust Supreme Court as they believe that all the verdicts are being delivered either in favour of government or according to the government desires. This is all control management.”


Information Blockade, No Internet  

“In absence of internet flow, people are deprived of day-to-day developments. Here in Delhi and other parts of the country human rights activists are protesting against the government tortures in Kashmir but people in the Valley are not aware of their sympathy with them. People are disappointed with the saffron government. They have no hope”, he said.

“Life on border near LoC is miserable. Shelling from across the border damages properties located near the international border. The localities are very much affected for the last four-five months. Sometimes people are killed”, Tanveer said.       



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