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Changing name of Aurangzeb Road 'totally illegal, unjustified': Legalists

29 Aug 2015 03:08 PM, IST

Changing name of Aurangzeb Road 'totally illegal, unjustified': Legalists
Aurangzeb Road in Delhi (Photo - www.samachar.com)

By IndiaTomorrow.net,

New Delhi, 29 Aug 2015: The decision of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation to change the Aurangzeb Road as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road is "totally illegal, unjustified, arbitrary and against our constitutional ethos," said Justice Rajindar Sachar and other eminent legalists a short while ago. "It appears to be guided by not reason and law but by narrow communal consideration," said Justice Sachar, veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar and Delhi High Court lawyer ND Pancholi in a joint statement of Citizens For Democracy.


"Citizens For Democracy, ‘CFD' in short, is shocked that the New Delhi Municipal council, NDMC in short, has decided to rename the ‘Aurangzeb Road' in New Delhi as the ‘Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road'. The said decision is totally illegal, unjustified arbitrary and against our constitutional ethos. It appears to be guided by not reason and law but by narrow communal consideration," they said.


They alleged that BJP has long been trying to change the name of Aurangzeb Road.


"It is well known that a section in BJP has long been agitating to change the name of Aurangzeb Road to some other names but it each time this proposal has failed," they said and offered as an example some previous attempts of BJP.


"For example in October 2014 BJP had requested NDMC to rename the name of ‘Aurangzeb Road' to ‘Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh Road' but it was not allowed. On 17th December, 2014 Shri Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary, Minister of State for Home Affairs, made a statement on behalf of the Home Ministry that Aurangzeb Road could not be renamed since the policy is not to rename any road named after a historical figure."


"Thus as per guidelines of the government, the name of the ‘Aurangzeb Road' cannot be changed. The memory of Dr. Abdul Kalam could have been better served by building a scientific or educational institute under his name."


They demanded the NDMC to immediately withdraw the decision and not to take any step for implementing the said decision.


A notice in this respect has already been sent to the concerned authorities on behalf of the Citizens For Democracy.


Citizens For Democracy is headed by Kuldip Nayar while Adv. N.D. Pancholi is General Secretary.

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02 September 2015 02:47 AM
GAME OF POLITICIANS. Name change of Aurengzeb Road and now Flags and National Anthom in Madrasa


30 August 2015 03:22 PM
So, why are British rulers\' names still alive in colleges, universities, roads, districts? Aurangzeb donated massive money to many temples in Banaras. BJP can destroy those temples to erase the name of Aurangzeb; moreover, there is nothing called Indian cuisine if you exclude the Muslim contributions. I suggest tagging every dish of Muslim origin in India and thus known abroad as Indian (!?) to be renamed, if possible, totally banished from India. Then there will be nothing for these motherfuckers to take pride on which they have been doing since their love-children European daddies came, bred and instilled their fucking leagacies here.

Faham Ali

30 August 2015 02:23 AM
These half mind sanghis don't have any other work. Whats there in name, change it. They can't change it from the heart of people. That road will be called as Aurangzeb road renamed to APJ Abdul Kalam Road, just namo as feku.

Dr Alam

30 August 2015 12:44 AM
Aurangzeb was the great king of India his name should be remain


30 August 2015 12:41 AM
It is very unfortunate event for the entire nation that the name of Aurangzeb and other great Muslim emperor's name is trying to erase from history as well as from the mind of common people.There is no doubt that the Great Mughals contribution to Indian Civiliazation and culture,which greatly effected the life on Indian people in every aspect,and they left a permanent mark on history of the sub-continent and a great legacy of communal harmony.But the right-wing Hindu parties out of their own political interest distorted the entire Muslim history,and deny the fact that the Muslims also contributed to the development and progress of the country,which is greatly harmful to the nation's stability and progress in present days.

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