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CBI probe demanded in Mewat couple's murder, gang-rape of two sisters

08 Sep 2016 01:09 PM, IST

CBI probe demanded in Mewat couple's murder, gang-rape of two sisters
Rajya Sabha MP Ali Anwar Ansari with Shabnam Hashmi on his left addressing a press conference in New Delhi on 07 Sep 2016. (Photo - IndiaTomorrow.net)

Ghazanfar Abbas, IndiaTomorrow.net,

New Delhi, September 08: In order to ensure victims get justice in the recent brutal killing of a couple and gang rape of two young girls at Dingerheri village in Mewat district of Haryana, Ali Anwar Ansari, MP (Rajya Sabha) from JD-U and human rights activist Shabnam Hasmi demanded a CBI inquiry at a press conference here on Wednesday.


Pointing out the neglectful attitude of Haryana's BJP government in the case during the press conference held at his residence, MP Ali Anwar Ansari said, "This is not a Hindu Vs Muslim issue. This is an open case related to women's dignity. After this incident many Hindu families have come forward to help the victims." "Due to much political pressure neither police have taken the case seriously nor Media has got opportunity to bring the case in the knowledge of people properly. Government is trying to suppress this case. So, a fair CBI enquiry should be constituted in this case as soon as possible," he demanded.  


Human rights activist Shabnam Hashmi, the founder of ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy) questioned the role of Police in the case and said, "This is not a simple case of robbery as it seems. Some other men were also present at the crime site who have not been arrested yet."


Alleging RSS suspiciously seems involved in this case, she said, "It is evident from the Facebook pages of the two accused namely Rahul and Amarjeet among four men who have been arrested in the case, that they are connected to RSS. Recently they attended a camp organized by RSS around 6-7 months ago held in Samipura, 2 kms away from Dingerheri village. They are also the members of ‘Gau Rakhsa Samiti (Cow Vigilant Group)'. Since the case is very suspicious and seems preplanned, and there is a political pressure on the administration too, so we demand a CBI probe in this case immediately so all the layers of the case could be unwrapped."   


At Dingerheri village in Mewat district in the early hours of 25th August, a shocking incident of robbery and killing of a couple named Ibrahim (36) and Rashidan (31) took place and a minor girl (16) and her married cousin sister (21) were gang raped after looting valuables by four to five men who barged into their house.


In the Press conference where victims were present along with their relatives, Zubaida, the elder sister of Rashidan (who was killed in the incident) told media persons about the brutality of the case and said, "At the time of last bath given to the dead body of Rashidan I found several serious injuries and some holes on different parts of the body. An ear was cut. The head was cracked and cut marks on the shoulder. The body was still bleeding while bathing."


Though both the rape victims were present at the press conference, but they were so traumatized that they could not narrate the horrific incident. One of them burst into tears as she held the mike to narrate the horror of the incident. Shaheen, a counselor to the victims said, "We have been compelled to come here because of failure of justice. Such incident has never taken place in our village."


Ex. President of Bar Association of Mewat district, Mahmudul Hasan said, "Police took this case so lightly that initially it filed the case under section 459 (grievous hurt caused whilst committing lurking house trespass or house-breaking) and 460 (trespass) rather than section 302, 304, 376 D and 396 of IPC which should had been invoked in this case. It was only after a mahapanchayat held in the district by the local people that the Police invoked suitable sections 302, 307, and 396 of IPC in the case on 3rd of September. It is obvious that due to political pressure Police tried to alter the nature of the case and imposed wrong sections intentionally." "RSS and BJP government are trying to suppress the case to a level that victims cannot be survived. State BJP government has announced a compensation of Rs 3 Lac but it has been given by the Waqf board. So, no kind of help has been given to the victims by the state government so far," he alleged.


Ramzan Chaudhary who is advocate in the case said, "This is such a heinous crime where a couple was murdered and one minor girl and her married cousin sister were gang raped. Two victims and two children got serious injuries and are still hospitalized." "The arrested men are the members of the Gau Raksha Samiti," he alleged.


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