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BJP Leader Demolishes The Under-Construction House Of CRPF Jawan Noor Kalim In Sultanpur

09 Aug 2020 08:08 PM, IST

BJP Leader Demolishes The Under-Construction House Of CRPF Jawan Noor Kalim In Sultanpur
BJP leader demolishes the under-construction house of aCRPF Jawan Noor Kalim in Sultanpur, UP


Arshad Afzaal Khan | India Tomorrow

—A BJP leader-Shrawan Mishra- who is BJP Block Pramukh of Kadipur block in Sultanpur district, on Friday demolished an under-construction house of a CRPF jawan posted in Kashmir.



The incident happened in Shaikhpur village under Gosaigunj police station. The area falls in the Sultanpur Lok Sabha constituency represented by BJP MP Maneka Gandhi.



Police have registered an FIR against Mishra. However, he is yet to be arrested.



According to details, CRPF jawan Noor Kalim had purchased a piece of land on the roadside in the village and had started construction of his house. The plot the CRPF jawan purchased is adjoining an agricultural land belonging to Mishra.



He had laid the foundation of the building and was constructing columns and structure of the house by using steel, concrete and cement.



Narrating about the incident, the CRPF jawan told mediapersons, “I was doing construction of my house on a plot purchased by me. However, around 1 pm on Friday, BJP leader Shravan Mishra, who is BJP’s block Pramukh of Kadipur Block, came with a dozen of his supporters, some of them armed with guns and rifles, demolished the under-construction wall, broke down the pillars and severely beat up the labourers and mason. They also threatened to ‘bury’ me if I dared to construct my house here”.



"I am a CRPF jawan posted in Kashmir. My three brothers and one nephew are in the Indian Army. I am a disciplined soldier. So, I did not retaliate to the unlawful act of Mishra. I have full faith in law and I demand the local administration must take strict action against those goons”, Noor Kalim said in response to questions by the media.



Jawahar Nishad, another resident of the same village, who has also purchased a plot adjacent to the plot of Noor Kalim , said, "I saw the Block Pramukh of Kadipur-Shravan Mishra-getting the walls and pillars of 'Fauji Bhai' demolished at gun point. When I objected, Shrawan Mishra put the gun on my forehead and also threatened to demolish my house being constructed adjacent to the house of 'Fauji Bhai'. We were saved from Mishra’s henchmen by the local villagers”.

Both-Nishad and Noor Kalim-have made a joint complaint at the Gosaigunj police station regarding the matter.


Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Sultanpur Police Praveen Kumar Yadav, when contacted, confirmed, “An FIR has been registered against Mishra and his men. Police are looking for the accused persons”.



Asked if the CRPF jawan will be able to construct his house because of direct threat from the musclemen belonging to the ruling party, Yadav said, “Nobody is above law. No one can stop the CRPF man from building his house on his own land”.



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