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Assam: Congress MLA Suspended from the House on NRC Issue, Opposition Staged Walkout Opposing CAA

03 Mar 2020 10:03 AM, IST

Assam: Congress MLA Suspended from the House on NRC Issue, Opposition Staged Walkout Opposing CAA
Congress MLA Sherman Ali suspended from Assam assembly, removed by marshals

Abdurrahman Aman | India Tomorrow


GUWAHATI, MARCH 3—Congress MLA, Sherman Ali Ahmed was suspended from Assam assembly for the day on first day of the budget session on Monday for raising NRC- related issue in the House and removed from the House by marshals. During question hour, MLA of Baghbar assembly seat, Sherman Ali, repeatedly questioned on appointment of Hitesh Dev Sharma as state coordinator of NRC.


During question hour, the congress MLA raised the issue of Sharma’s appointment, but he was denied permission of discussing the matter by Speaker Hitendra Nath Goswami and warned not to waste time of the House, saying Sharma was qualified for the post.


The congress MLA continued that Sharma has lost his credibility and trust of the people for his “communal and bias mindset” and said that he is not “worthy and competent for the post of state coordinator of NRC”.


Goswami repeatedly stopped Sherman Ali in raising the issue and asked him to take his seat. Despite being denied the permission for raising the issue in the House, Sherman Ali remained persistent on discussion of the issue and continued to obstruct the proceedings of the House.


Goswami then suspended the Congress MLA from the House for the day, but he refused to leave. Finally, the Congress MLA was removed from the Assembly by marshals.


Later, addressing media outside the House, Sherman Ali alleged that his suspension exposed the undemocratic attitude of the government. He also alleged that the intention of government behind the appointment of Sharma as state coordinator of NRC was to destroy four years of hard works.


It is worth mentioning here that earlier, Sharma indulged in big controversy by posting anti-Muslim comments on social media. Several stakeholders, AAMSU (All Assam Minority Students’ Union), State Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, AIUDF (All India United Democratic Front) and opposition parties including Congress opposed his appointment and asked state government to remove him from the post of state coordinator of NRC.


On the other hand, the opposition Congress staged a walkout from the assembly on Monday after being denied permission for a discussion on CAA. The opposition repeatedly demanded the Speaker to include CAA in proceeding of the House and also demanded to hold discussion on the arrest made in connection with the protests against the contentious law. But the demand they made were turned down by the Speaker, following which congress MLAs created ruckus in the assembly and started to raise slogans against CAA. They also demanded to release KMSS (Krishak Mukti Songram Samiti) leader Akhil Gogoi. Despite their ruckus in the House, the Speaker did not accept their demand. The Congress then staged a walkout from the Assembly. The Congress has been demanding to pass resolution against CAA in Assam assembly.

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