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Alwar Police Withdraw Day-Old Order Revoking Beard Permissions for Nine Muslim Cops

22 Nov 2019 10:11 PM, IST

Alwar Police Withdraw Day-Old Order Revoking Beard Permissions for Nine Muslim Cops
Alwar Police (Representational Image)

Raheem Khan | India Tomorrow

JAIPUR, NOVEMBER 22— The Alwar Police in Rajasthan have withdrawn their controversial Thursday order through which they had revoked the previous permissions granted to nine Muslim policemen to sport beard.


“Through the order no. 4921 dated 21.11.2019, the permission granted in the past to have beard was revoked. As per order, the said order no. 4921 dated 21.11.2019 stands cancelled with immediate effect,” said Alwar district Police Superintendent Paris Anil Deshmukh in his written order on Friday.  


 Alwar Police order on Nov 22, 2019


On Thursday, the SP Deshmukh himself had issued the order revoking the previous separate permissions granted to nine Muslim cops – one ASI, one head constable and seven constables – to have beard. The SP had said that the permissions would stand cancelled with immediate effect.


Reports say that the Thursday order had led to resentment among the local Muslim community. State cabinet minister Saleh Mohammad had also said he would look into the issue as to why the SP revoked the beard permissions.


Talking to India Tomorrow about the issue, state cabinet minister Saleh Mohammad said: “I have got to know about this incident through you. I will get details as to why the SP has cancelled permission to sport beard. Only after that, it will be proper for me to say anything.”


On Friday, the district police not only withdrew their Thursday order but also issued a clarification.


In a press statement, the PRO of the district police chief office clarified the issue: “The order no. 4921 was issued under an administrative proceeding whose purpose was only administrative. In the district, 30 constables and head constables were given permission (to sport beard), out of which 9 permissions were revoked for an administrative reason. On the applications of the constables and head constable mentioned in the given order (4921), that order has been cancelled and as per rule they have again been again granted permission (to have beard).”


It is to be noted that on different dates between June-September this year, the nine Muslim cops including ASI Israel Ahmed were granted permissions to sport beard.


The Thursday order had mentioned the names of the cops and dates on which they were granted the permissions. However, it did not mention why they were granted the permissions and why those permissions were now revoked.



The Alwar district of Rajasthan remains in news for one reason or the other – during the BJP government in the state, the district had hit headlines due to the mob-lynching of Pahlu Khan and Rakbar Khan in the name of cow vigilantism.


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