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1800 kids living with their mother prisoners inside jails in India

19 Mar 2014 07:03 PM, IST

1800 kids living with their mother prisoners inside jails in India
India women prisoners (Photo AP)


By Abu Zafar, India Tomorrow,

New Delhi, 19 March 2014: The latest government data shows that more than 1800 children are behind bars in India because their mothers are convicted and serving terms or facing trials inside jails.


‘Prison Statistics 2012’, a report compiled by Home Ministry’s National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) says that 1590 women were behind bars during 2012 and they had 1813 children with them.


“A total of 344 women convicts with their 382 children and 1,226 women under trials with their 1,397 children were lodged in various prisons in the country at the end of 2012,” the report says.


According to the report, the highest number of children inside jails was reported from Uttar Pradesh which has 431 such children followed by West Bengal 220, Madhya Pradesh 163 and Bihar 151.


In year 2011 and 2010 total 1760 and 1705 children were behind bars along with their mothers respectively.


Different courts including the apex court have been giving several directions regarding of these kids, but one can’t rule out the psychological impact the environment of jail is leaving on these very young minds. 


A shocking incident came into light last year in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district when Kanhaiya, who was born in jail 19 years ago, managed to get bail for his mother.


Vijay Kumari, Kanhaiya’s mother, was behind bars since 1994 in a murder case and Kanhaiya was born after four months of her arrest. He also spent 4 years of her childhood in jail with his mom and then at several juvenile homes.

Her mother had not the required Rs 10,000 to pay as bail amount to court to come out of the jail. According to BBC, when the boy grew up and started earning at the age of 18 he saved the money and got her mother released from the jail 19 years after she got the bail.


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